Dr Donné Roberts - Veterinary Behaviourist

Behaviours like aggression, persistent barking, scratching, or litter box problems?
Welcoming a new feathered or furry friend and want to ensure a smooth transition?
A veterinary behaviourist, can help.

I offer a comprehensive range of services designed to heal the bond between you and your pet, creating a more harmonious and happy home environment.

How it works:
Consultations are usually conducted at the pet’s home since it is important to observe their normal behaviour, in their environment, but telephone and other consultations can be arranged in certain circumstances.

Examples of problems:

Dogs: Common problems include like house training accidents, excessive barking, interdog aggression, aggression towards people, separation anxiety, and noise phobias.

Cats: Problems commonly seen are spraying, inappropriate urination and aggression.

Birds: Feather plucking and aggression are common problems experienced with pet birds.

Other species: Can also suffer from fearful behaviour and aggression amongst other problems:

Tailored Solutions: I take a personalised approach, focusing on understanding the root cause of the behaviour and crafting a behavioural therapy plan specifically for you and your pet.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques: I favour positive reinforcement methods to change behaviour and build a strong relationship with your pet.

Behavioural immunisation -preventive meaures:

Pet Selection Advice: Get advice on which pet would fit in with your lifestyle and family (including existing pets).

New Pet Consultations: Starting your pet parenthood journey? Get help introducing your new pet to your other pets and planning its socialising and training. Head of any potential behavioural issues.

Additional Support:
End-of-Life Support: I can provide guidance on how to help your pet through their final days, minimizing stress and anxiety for both of you.

Transforming your pet's Behaviour

Qualified Expertise: I am a qualified behaviourist with extensive experience and a passion for helping animals and their humans thrive.

Personalised Approach: I believe in understanding each pet’s unique needs and tailoring services accordingly.

Compassionate & Effective Methods: My methods are positive, gentle, and focused on achieving positive results in a humane way.

Creating a more fulfilling relationship with your pet?